Monday 2 March 2020

NParks ceases guided intertidal walks at Big Sisters Island

From the NParks website: "Thank you for your support for the intertidal guided walks over the past 5 years. As part of efforts to review the outreach and educational activities offered on the island, we are ceasing NParks-led guided walks at Big Sister’s Island."
Public walk at Sisters Island Marine Park (15 Aug 2014)
Families at one of the first public intertidal walks in Aug 2014.

NParks also added: "Meanwhile, you can sign up for the free guided walks on St John’s Island held on the first Sunday of every month, or download a copy of the DIY trail guide and explore St John’s Island and the Marine Park Outreach and Education Centre at your leisure. Alternatively, you can check out the guided tours at Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin."

For a look back at the guided walks, check out the Sisters Islands Marine Park facebook page.

For MORE intertidal guided walks and other shore activities, check out Celebrating Singapore Shores.

EIA for Sisters' Islands Marine Park for public viewing 24 Feb-23 Mar 2020

NParks plans to build, among others, a boardwalk and floating pontoon on the Sisters Islands Marine Park. Their Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for these plans is now available for public viewing from 24 Feb to 23 Mar 2020.
Artist impression of proposed floating pontoon.
More details below.