Saturday 19 May 2018

Big Sisters Island: intertidal walks suspended, some beaches closed

From the NParks website: The monthly Intertidal Guided Walk is temporarily suspended as marine debris washed ashore containing asbestos have been found at four isolated areas along the beaches in the lagoons on Big Sister’s Island.
Public walk at Sisters Island Marine Park (15 Aug 2014)
As a safety precaution, we have cordoned off the affected beaches. We aim to complete the removal works by end June 2018 and will resume the guided walks thereafter. In the meantime, the affected beaches are closed to the public. We seek your understanding for the inconvenience caused.

Wednesday 2 May 2018

Amazing April at the Marine Park

The Friends of the Marine Park had a great time doing outreach at ADEX 2018.
Photo by Lisa Lim, at the Celebrating Singapore Shores photo booth.
Here's a glimpse of the happenings in April including intertidal walks at Big Sisters' Island and a meeting of The Friends of the Marine Park.