Tuesday 15 March 2016

15-17 Apr: The Sisters Islands Marine Park at ADEX 2016

The Sisters Islands Marine Park will be featured at ADEX 2016! Find out more about the milestones that led to the creation of the Marine Park and meet the volunteers and people behind it.
Visit the volunteers at the Singapore Pavilion which highlights the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park. There will be talks, posters, lots of great information too.

Thursday 10 March 2016

Job opening to do outreach about the Marine Park!

Have you always wanted to work on a Singapore island? Doing outreach and education about our marine life and about the Sisters Islands Marine Park?
The Sisters Islands from St Johns' Island at sunset
The Sisters Islands seen from St John's Island.
Here's your chance! There's a job opening to join the cool and fun people at the St John's Island Marine Lab. Closing date 8 Apr 2016.

More details here: