Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Sisters' Islands Marine Park happenings: May 2015

Thanks to volunteer guides, more visitors got a first-hand look at the marine biodiversity at Singapore's first marine park!
Photo by Richard Kuah Boon Tiong
Even though the islands are in one of the world's busiest ports, there are amazing marine life to enjoy here. Thanks to the photos and video clips shared on the Sisters' Islands Marine Park facebook page, here are the highlights of the May walks.

Visitors keep to the high ground of mostly bare sand, where there are still interesting marine life to be seen. With the help of experienced and trained guides, you will get to see them.
Photo by Kerk SG Photography
The walk also takes us to some parts of the reef where we can walk safely without killing marine life.
Photo by Pauline Ng
There are often many different kinds of animals found in one spot! An experienced and trained guide can help you spot them. Also, help you avoid stepping on them!
Photo by Kerk SG Photography
Everyone's favourite stop: a look at the Giant clam that settled naturally within the artificial lagoon.
Photo by Halim Wijaya
How nice to see this red feather star. This is quite commonly seen on Singapore's reefs and is usually found in deeper water. Thanks to volunteer seekers, who find and carefully carry these animals in buckets for visitors to have a look. After that, the animals are gently returned to where they were found. In this way, visitors can see more creatures without trampling into deeper waters.
Photo by Halim Widjaya
Some of the interesting nudibranchs seen during our May walks, thanks to volunteer seekers.
Photo by Pauline Ng
This is a Sea moth, a kind of fish. You really need sharp eyes to spot it.
Photo by Richard Kuah Boon Tiong
Thanks to Vincent for this awesome video clip of the land hermit crabs on the Island. These animals are no longer common on the mainland as they live among marine debris, and our mainland shores are cleaned every day by cleaners.

Land Hermit Crab @ Sisters' Islands Marine Park - 22 May 2015
Land Hermit Crab @ Sisters' Islands Marine Park - 22 May 2015And yes, there is wild marine life in Singapore!More info:
Posted by Xiao Gui on Friday, 22 May 2015
There's colourful life everywhere, even on the pillars of the pontoon where we arrive!
Photo by Pauline Ng
Happy visitors at the Jetty.
Photo by Carmen Lam
Some of the volunteer guides who made the May walks possible. Thank you everyone!
Photo by Richard Kuah Boon Tiong
Catch up with all the happenings at the Marine Park through the Sisters' Islands Marine Park facebook page. You can share your encounters, ideas and thoughts for the Marine Park here.

Share your finds on the facebook group called 'Things found in Sisters Islands'.

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Why should I visit with an experienced and trained guide? Why are places limited on a public walk? Which other shores are accessible to the public? and more in this wildsingapore page.

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