Tuesday, 15 March 2016

15-17 Apr: The Sisters Islands Marine Park at ADEX 2016

The Sisters Islands Marine Park will be featured at ADEX 2016! Find out more about the milestones that led to the creation of the Marine Park and meet the volunteers and people behind it.
Visit the volunteers at the Singapore Pavilion which highlights the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park. There will be talks, posters, lots of great information too.

Message from ADEX:

Happening on 15 – 17 April 2016, ADEX is an annual event targeted at divers and the diving industry, and is in fact the largest dive expo in Asia. In 2015, the event attracted over 41,000 visitors over the course of 3 days.

Every year, ADEX will choose an iconic animal as the event theme with activities planned around this theme to raise awareness and promote conservation of the animal. Conservationists and photographers are also invited to speak at ADEX to raise awareness on marine life. For ADEX 2016, the seahorse was chosen as the theme.

Additionally, there will be a  Singapore Pavilion for the first time with the theme “Celebrating Singapore’s First Marine Park”. Organised by NParks with support from the Blue-Green Alliance, the Singapore Pavilion will highlight the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park and use it as a platform to showcase marine biodiversity conservation efforts in Singapore.

We believe that ADEX 2016 will be a great opportunity to raise awareness on local marine life and the theme is especially apt since we have seahorses in our waters and within the Marine Park. More importantly, we hope to use the event to feature efforts of the blue groups and our various partners in the conservation of marine biodiversity in Singapore which led to the birth of the marine park, and their contributions in our combined journey towards this significant milestone.

For more information on ADEX, please visit www.adex.asia.

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