Thursday, 29 March 2018

Marvellous March at the Marine Park

Volunteers of the Marine Park had a blast with outreach efforts at a mall. And on Sentosa island too, including screening of 'Birth of a Marine Park'. There was also a Workshop on reefs at the Marine Park public gallery. All to celebrate International Year of the Reef 2018. Meanwhile, public walks continued with exciting finds for everyone.
Here's a glimpse at some of the happenings...

Our Home, Their Home

Together with The Seletar Mall, the Friends of Marine Park held a marine exhibition “Our Home, Their Home” with fun interactive exhibits and games from 10 -  18 March, 10am - 10pm. The public got a chance to discover Singapore’s amazing marine biodiversity by observing specimens of octopuses, corals and other fascinating animals.  There were also interesting talks such as the one by Kathy Xu of The Dorsal Effect.
Photo by Lisa Lim.
Learned about threats they face through exciting child-friendly games stations with an inflatable slide and human claw machine Also, created their own marine critters at our arts and crafts workshops on weekends.
Photo by Lisa Lim.

More photos by Lisa Lim ..

And more photos by Ria Tan...

The Fun Odyssea

The Friends of the Marine Park also joined in the community launch of International Year of the Reef at Sentosa on 17-18 Mar.
Photo by Ria Tan.
This free event included booths by 20 groups, live mural painting, film screenings, arts and crafts workshops. And an opportunity to meet marine scientists working in Singapore

Birth of a Marine Park

During The Fun Odysea, the public also had a chance to view "Birth of a Marine Park" about Singapore's first marine park at the Sisters Islands by Victor Tang.
The Fun Odyssea - community launch of IYOR 2018, 17-18 Mar 2018

Reef 101

Lepak in SG together with the St John's Island National Marine Laborartory organised another Sea Our Shores workshop at St John’s Island. Participants leanred about our fascinating marine life and saw them up close and personal in a guided gallery tour at Marine Park Outreach and Education Center.
Photo by Lepak in SG
The participants then shared their opinions on the marine park and brainstormed on what we can do to help conserve our reefs.

More photos by Lepak in SG.

Intertidal walks

Meanwhile public walks at Big Sisters Islands continued, with lots of interesting finds.
Photo by Collin Tong.
 Thanks to volunteers and staff for these great walks.
Photo by Jingying.
More about guided walks at the Sisters' Islands Marine Park on the NParks website.

More about what to expect at a guided walk.

Why should I visit with an experienced and trained guide? Why are places limited on a public walk? Which other shores are accessible to the public? and more in this wildsingapore page.

More about volunteering with the Sisters Islands Marine Park.

Catch up with all the happenings at the Marine Park through the Sisters' Islands Marine Park facebook page. You can share your encounters, ideas and thoughts for the Marine Park here. Photos in this blog post are from those who shared on this facebook page. Thank you!

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