Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Amazing April at the Marine Park

The Friends of the Marine Park had a great time doing outreach at ADEX 2018.
Photo by Lisa Lim, at the Celebrating Singapore Shores photo booth.
Here's a glimpse of the happenings in April including intertidal walks at Big Sisters' Island and a meeting of The Friends of the Marine Park.

NParks put together a great show at ADEX including the human claw experience.
Photo by Louis Ng.
Some of the volunteers at ADEX.
Photo by Louis Ng.
At ADEX, Dr Karenne Tun shared about the recent mass coral spawning in Singapore waters.
Photo by Ng Juat Ying.
The booth featured International Year of the Reef 2018 as well as many other aspects of Singapore's marine biodiversity.
Photo by Ng Juat Ying.

Exciting intertidal walks at Big Sisters' Island

Intertidal walks were a great highlight of the month. With many visitors sharing their experiences.

A lovely video compilation thanks to Clairo Wong.

Delong Goh shared this lovely montage.

Mun Pheng Mak's photos

Lisa Lim's photos.

The Friends of the Marine Park

There was another meeting of  The Friends of the Marine Park. Here's the message from Stephen Beng, Chair of The Friends of the Marine Park:
Our first meeting for “The Friends of the Marine Park” was held on 20th June 2017, with the aim to ensure the views of all stakeholders were represented, and that we accepted the value and interests of each group.

Setting Goals and Planning were on the agenda for our 2nd meeting on 29th Sep 2017 where stakeholders were empowered with information and decision-making influence so they could meaningfully participate.

Many of us took action after the 2nd meeting which allowed our 3rd gathering on 19th Jan 2018 to home in on lessons learnt in the field. We went out together as a community based on our interests, accepted disagreements and searched for common ground.

Our most recent huddle on 23rd Apr 2018 saw growth in our marine park community. We continue to revisit best practices, ways we can strengthen our bonds and knowledge together, and even visited opportunities which may benefit others from our initiatives and collaborations.

Grateful for the encouragement from Minister Desmond Lee and the support from NParks.

More about guided walks at the Sisters' Islands Marine Park on the NParks website.

More about what to expect at a guided walk.

Why should I visit with an experienced and trained guide? Why are places limited on a public walk? Which other shores are accessible to the public? and more in this wildsingapore page.

More about volunteering with the Sisters Islands Marine Park.

Catch up with all the happenings at the Marine Park through the Sisters' Islands Marine Park facebook page. You can share your encounters, ideas and thoughts for the Marine Park here. Photos in this blog post are from those who shared on this facebook page. Thank you!

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